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Brother HL4150 TN310 TN315 TN320 TN325 TN345 Refill Toner

How to remanufacture and reset toner cartridge Brother TN-310 TN-315 TN-320 TN-325 TN-328 TN-340 TN-345 TN-348 TN-390 TN-395 for HL-4140CN HL-4150CDN HL-4570CDW MFP-9460CDN MFP-9560CDW MFP-9970CDW

TN310 Black 2,500 pages
TN310 Cyan/Magenta/Yellow 1,500 pages
TN315 Cyan/Magenta/Yellow 3,500 pages
TN315 Black 6,000 pages
TN320 Black 2,500 pages
TN320 Cyan/Magenta/Yellow 1,500 pages
TN325 Black 4,000 pages
TN325 Cyan/Magenta/Yellow 3,500 pages
TN328 Black/Cyan/Magenta/Yellow 6,000 pages
TN340 Black 2,500 pages
TN340 Cyan/Yellow/Magenta 1,500 pages
TN345 Cyan/Yellow/Magenta 3,500 pages
TN348 Black/Cyan/Yellow/Magenta 6,000 pages
TN390 Black 2,500 pages
TN390 Cyan/Yellow/Magenta 1,500 pages
TN395 Black 4,000 pages
TN395 Cyan/Yellow/Magenta 3,500 pages

When the printer receive a new toner cartridge, the printer bias voltage is set to high and the cartridge page count is reset to zero. As the cartridge is used, the bias voltage is gradually reduced. This is because a new toner cartridge has a tendency to print light.
So, to keep the toner cartridge density level even throughout its life, the density bias voltage is reduced accordingly.
Different yield cartridges have different stages set for the bias voltage.
That’s why there are different reset gears, and that’s why is important to reset the cartridge when you refill the toner.
The cartridge yield is based on the revolutions of the developer roller. the bigger the print job, the better the yield.

Things needed:
- Screwdriver
- Toner for Brother HL-4150

Hot to print a Printer Setting Pages:
With the printer READY, press “OK” button 3 times
The display show “Print Settings/Printing”

MAKE ATTENTION: if they go into the wrong menu and press the wrong buttons, you can damage to the printer.
- Open the front cover.
- Press SECURE and CANCEL buttons at the same time.“Reset Menu” appear on the display.
- Press “up” or “down” arrows to select the cartridge you have to reset.
- Press OK.
- When the message “Up Arrow Reset Down Arrow Exit” appears on the display, press the up arrow button.
- Close the front cover. The cartridge is reset.

Repetitive Defects:
Developer roller: 30.0 mm
Drum: 94.0 mm
Upper fuser roller: 78.5 mm
Lower fuser roller: 78.5 mm

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How to Refill Brother TN-310, TN-315, TN-320, TN-325, Toner Cartridges

How to refill Brother toner cartridges for HL-4150CDN, HL-4570CDW, HL-4570CDWT, MFC-9460CDN, MFC-9560CDW, MFC-9970CDW HL-L8350CDWT HL-L8250CDN HL-L8350CDW MFC-L8600CDW MFC-L8850CDW printer
Post by
Richard Braley : I love brother. My brother doesn’t even need a reset spring, it has a reset cartridge right in the menu. Even asks what type of cartridge you’re resetting. (starter, normal or high capacity). I’ll never go another brand again!
Scotzine : Why re-set using springs if you can re-set using the buttons on the printer?
B.J. Neyer : Video was great. The directions that came with the toner sucked. I didn't explain much of anything and the pictures were unclear. After watching your video a couple of times I was able to refill the toner. I don't understand why you have to put a counter wheel on the cartridge though, as you can reset the toner cartridge electronically.
Ye Benson : Too complex for a normal office staff.
Pop Pop Builds : Number 1, Never use the orange toner cloth on printer parts. It has an oil in the fabric for cleaning the plastics and WILL cause printing defects if used on the charging parts.
Sanford Fitelson : Buy replacement toner with reset springs on Amazon. You should also buy replacement "hopper caps" as you can mess these up easily as you pry them off.

I would like to add that instead of using a vacuum cleaner, just dump the toner into a plastic bag. Using a vacuum makes a mess of your vacuum and creates a lot of static electricity which shocks you every time you touch the vacuum. If you don't touch it, the static builds up and will give you a really big shock. Dump the majority in a bag and then vacuum the little bit left in the cartridge. I found it to be faster and less messy.

One more tip I have is to reset the printer for the MFC-9970-CDW.
- Turn off the printer
- Turn on the printer
- Once you see the normal setup screen BUT BEFORE IT SKIPS AHEAD TO THE "EMPTY" WARNING open the front door to expose the cartridges. Waited too long? Turn off the printer and go back to Step #1.
- Now you get the "Door Open" warning.
- Press and hold down the number 1 on the keypad; this takes you to the reset screen.
- Select the color and cartridge type you want to reset (typically STD as your printer likely did not come with the larger HC "High Capacity" cartridges).
KirtC : Thanks for this video, but where do we buy the toner in the bottles?
1171Noel : buy an empty cartridge! cost $3

MrDove01 : Are there different versions of this cartridge. I could have sworn that mine had a chip in it. How many times can you refill before the roller on the cartridge wears out?
Tiago Heinze : me ajudou tb e lembrem-se sempre limpem bem os toners brother antes da recarga, se não limpar todo o pó de dentro ele começa a manchar !

How to Clean an Epson Inkjet Printer Print-Head

When an Epson printer prints the “Nozzle Check" with missing lines, with white lines, with banding or lines across the photo or text. probably you have some clogged nozzles in the print head.
This happen when you don’t print often enough, allowing ink to dry inside the print heads but it may happen even without a reason.
If head cleanings with the Epson cleaning utility doesn’t work, try the method described in this video.
If nothing work Epsons have a very robust power cord, anchored securely in the printer.
Take hold of the plug end, swing the printer around by the cord, and when you are satisfied with the speed of the swing, release the cord.

For any question or suggestion leave a comment
Link Accessori srl
Via Beverara 224/7
40131 BOLOGNA (Italy)

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dalriada842 : Rather than using the syringe directly on the ink ports, I push about 50 mm of aquarium tubing over each port. I then inject each tube with cleaning solution up to near the top, with a paper towel under the printhead. I let the cleaning solution soften the clog for a bit before pushing an empty syringe on each tube and gently push and pull. You can see how clear they are by the level of fluid in the tubes.
derek diamond : Great info, can I use white spirit to clean the nozzles? thanks for the video.
Nick JP : Very clear directives . Thank you
Rebecca Gomsi : Only used it a few times so far but it connected with my wifi and is easy to use.☞>ҧ     Even able to print from my phone and tablet with ease. And at this price point if it breaks it is almost as cheap as buying new ink for my last printer
Srinivasan R : How may clean dust in printer?
S Sergeant : I have an Epson 7010 that has not been used for years. would this work on that?
watdahel : Use the right cleaner fluid.

Sedonauk : Some great idea's ....worked fine for more smudged printing
sara couty : Hi tks for the cleaning method but even though i have done the cleaning i still have few wide horizontal lines. how to solve this




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