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Noob vs. Pro Realistic Minecraft House Build Battle! (Preston)

Noob vs. Pro Realistic Minecraft House Build Battle! (Preston)

I went head to head against Preston in an ultra realistic Minecraft build battle!

Preston - @PrestonPlayz

#buildbattle #preston #minecraft
Rosalie K : soooooo bacicly a sky light
Luisa Almario : A noob vs pro this is my first video of you
Braulio Perez : can you do it agin plz
Kenneth Hamri : You are The worst youtuber
mr3bot1 : you made my day
Snowie_ Belle : pls put down the shader or texture pack or smth, pls but the link pleaseee
summer and spring with keira : I can,t sub to you on the tv so um...yea
adam rojas : Please tell me
adam rojas : How you do that in m.
Shreemayee Ghosh : Preston is good at ⛪

Noob vs. Pro Realistic Nether House Build Battle! (Preston)

Noob vs. Pro Realistic Nether House Build Battle! (Preston)

I went head to head against Preston again... but this time in the nether! Who can build the best realistic house?

Preston - @PrestonPlayz

PrestonPlayz - 7 Ways to Prank Boys in Minecraft!

BriannaPlayz - So I Took Baby Preston to Crafting School... (Minecraft)

#buildbattle #preston #minecraft
TANISHKA SADHU : my fav movies are froze 2 and the whole descendents movies
Michelle Chase : "Can I cook a blaze?"
"Yes you can cook a blaze"
* Put blaze on stove *
Me: * laughing my head off *
Michelle Chase : Lion King is mah fav movie
Arav Shinde : The song took the video to the next level
W's TV : My favourite movie is u
Rhonda Laws : I would spend hours and hours watching you
Nathan Westrick : The redstone torches look like bug zappers.
Jimmy Rosangpuia : Whose here after watching preston vidoe

Thanks for the like
Adhiseshan R : keith the movie theater need black
Sudha Dasari : Avenger end game

STW 1995 AVUS - Kieth O'dors Fatal Accident

Live coverage of Kieth O'dors Tragic Accident.\r
german commentary of Thomas Voigt.\r
R.I.P. Kieth O'dor (05.04.1962 - 10.09.1995)
Alak Drifting : You can clearly see him trying to slow down at: 0:25
louielouie95 : RIP Odor
Greedy Pickles : very sad...i went to school with him in Salisbury,UK in the early 1970s
Charly Firpo : Bei 0:22-0:24 sieht man wie die direkt dahinter liegenden Fahrzeuge binnen Sekundenbruchteilen reagieren konnten aber Frank Biela fährt mal glatt 70m geradeaus.
del00ze : Unbelievably bad driving from Biela. That tool needed charging. Everyone else missed him. The 3rd to miss reacts like a Boss and shows just what is possible in a split second. Clearly Biela was going to chance it at full speed until it was too late but more importantly you can see the guy behind Biela lifts much sooner you can see the gap increase between them. He should have been banned.
Hobbit Sumbarch : Ich war damals elf Jahre alt und schon von Motorsport begeistert,das war der erste fatale Unfall den ich live miterlebt habe. Ich weis noch wie geschockt ich war, traurig und unruhig,aber ich wusste dass es dazu gehört.
Jeroen de Sterke : I met Keith at the 1983 and 1984 London Motorsports Show where I was also exhibiting - right opposite the JanSpeed stand. I liked him tremedously.
Living Legend : He had 9 lives. He was very lucky to survive that crash at donnington in the BTC years ago. Sadly gone but not forgotten x
louielouie95 : RIP Keith O Dor
ShionShinigami : Ist der Nissan ein Rechtslenker?




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