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Samsung Smart TV 4Series | M4500 Review & Unboxing

Glen Jackson : I had this TV set in my garage. I tried using the color plugs but the connections on the back of this TV are not solid colors ( RED, white, yellow ). The TV set is displaying black and white and not color. The sound is diminished. I will have to buy an HDMI cable.
whatmyohmy : Volume on this TV sucks! It's to low at the number 100 sucks. You need a sound bar.
Fear the Mandela effect : The remote sucks
Tristianooo : I have this tv and wondering if anyone knows the best picture settings for gaming
Laurie Marchese : How to set it up?
Adrian Stewart : is this tv still working for you since you first got it? thanks!
Alicia Phillips : I’m looking for a smaller Samsung that has the direct tv now. Does it come with apps already on it? Can you see if you can pull up the Direct Tv Now app and let me know please? Thanks in advance! Allie
Anthony Baez : Bluetooth?
Lady Rae : I’m having an issue connecting it to smartthings
Carnal Viruz : Is 1080??


Today I unbox, and review the Samsung M4500 32" widescreen HDTV.

Instagram: @Kalem_Jones
Dennis Dooley : Question: Can this double as a computer monitor if I decide to plug my laptop with a HDMI cable when I occasionally need a larger screen to view photos and do some video editing ?
Graham Things : Does this TV have airplay or chromecast?
TJ Tampa : Thanks! Good info. ?
C8lin R : Did you use a wall mount? If you did, how?
Jonathan Roberts : Did you ever find a way to connect your tv to bluetooth. I have some wireless powerbeats that I want to try and hook up. If you got an bluetooth adapter can you please specify. Plz and thank you
Holland Bulky : Yo man this was a sick vid! What's the song name?
LoneWarrior1989 : What bolt size does it take for mounting this tv?
Spike NYC : Horrible, no information on how the tv sounds etc
Barky315 : No YouTube Tv app
younes alexander : is that made in egypt?

Un Boxing a NEW Samsung Smart TV 32 inch 4 series M4500 Smart Hub This is Episode 932

UN-Boxing a NEW Samsung Smart TV for my Kodi Media Player
This is a 32 inch 4 series M4500 Smart Hub
2 HDMI ports 1 USB port built in WiFi so Samsung can spy on you!
NetFlix and other pay to play addons and apps

This is Episode 932 from World TV on Demand

Thank you for watching my Videos!

#Samsung #smartTV #Kodi #model #NetFlix #HaroldJackson #WorldTVonDemand
TJ Tampa : Thank you, Mr. Jackson. I didn't hv to do this alone bc I had your video to watch. ?
rkezKD : Nice Video - I'm purchasing this TV today, wanted to see if regular tv is available w/out extra gadgets .
Sheba Rodriguez : Nice Review sir
merch marine : CAN'T BE WALL MOUNTED...……
Kartikraj Dalavi : Nice.
Cletus Spuckler, Stable Jeanius : Good video Colonel Sanders.
BLC Mechanix : Just got the same tv yesterday,how do you speak to the tv like you did when it first came on?
Adrian Stewart : is your Samsung tv still working with no problems since you first bought it? thanks!
Adrian Stewart : nevermind, I see now. yep. lol!
Adrian Stewart : does this tv have enough connections to hook up a dvd/vcr player and an x box or playstation? thanks. cool video.




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