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The gradient captures all the partial derivative information of a scalar-valued multivariable function.
Ava Wood : omg stan 3b1b
Mayank Soni : 3b1b?
Pendulum theSimpleOne : So, will the determinant of this nebula vector have some meaning when conbined with a function?
rosette renah : Nice
J P Yadav : Grant is grand
Cherry Girl : ahh Grant) finally
Art Pak : His 2 look like z!
James Miller : so basically bunch ("vector") of derivatives
gihan gurunayaka : ❤❤❤
James Robinson : why am I doing this for my GCSE's, just crazy.

Gradients and Partial Derivatives

3D visualization of partial derivatives and gradient vectors.
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Physics Videos by Eugene Khutoryansky : To see subtitles in other languages: Click on the gear symbol under the video, then click on "subtitles." Then select the language (You may need to scroll up and down to see all the languages available).
--To change subtitle appearance: Scroll to the top of the language selection window and click "options." In the options window you can, for example, choose a different font color and background color, and set the "background opacity" to 100% to help make the subtitles more readable.
--To turn the subtitles "on" or "off" altogether: Click the "CC" button under the video.
--If you believe that the translation in the subtitles can be improved, please send me an email.
Jack Phillips : hello there
Down Stream : Your voice matches your name?
Raj Patel : So CLT did fire me?
3824 Gourav : Mam how me imagine for f(x, y, z) type function
Andrea Favero : Amazing content. Thank you!
Aymmen Batool : If x and y both are changing then how can we make each constant when computing partial derivatives respectively ?
Zahidul Islam Preetul : great visualisation!
DINESH RAJA P : wow, it is a very great video. Easy to understand. thank you for making this video.
Paul Brown : Very nice explanation.

60 minutes of Mood Lights with gradient colors - Screensaver Lights.

60 minutes of Mood Lights with gradient colors - Screensaver Lights.

With your play speed control, this mood light can be slow and or fast!

(This video screen developed with Delphi.)
Austin Moon : Showed this to my baby cousin when she was crying... she calmed down instantly
eric pelpinosas : can I use this for educational purposes?
Mood Color : Wow lovely color what is the software bro this color creating☺️
Cedrick Simbol : I wish I have a gaming pc and monitor where I can play this
Hyfrith : Using this to test the screen sync on my Philips Hue Play bars! Looks great.
Nicholas Randall : Can I use this in a music video for a border?
Fantastic : I need boy friend
Fantastic : I need boy friend
Fantastic : Yang pilih allah like.
•Dreams• : Can I use this ;-;




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