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In the season of a nasty virus & bad ideas, a ‘revolutionary’ manifesto for Modi from our liberals

After the infamous FORCE plan of confiscatory taxation from IRS officers, a 7-point agenda to deal with the Covid crisis has emerged from eminent economists, activists & intellectuals. In episode 478 of #CutTheClutter, Shekhar Gupta explain how bad ideas are lurking around, and why it reminds him of the 1969 hit ‘Bad Moon Rising’ from rock group CCR.

Watch 'If India borrows ideas from Indira Gandhi & Khilji to tax its way out of Corona-struck economy' here:

 Watch the 'Bad Moon Rising' song here:

Read both documents here:     ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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Bala Mani : LOL! Literally one can see the color of his pants - same as the color of paper in his hands! All along have advocating distribution of wealth in the name of leftist ideology and now just a statement - he is already outdoors! Really funny fellows
Mukul Sidhu : gupta ji the great.i never thought I will admire a journalist
Pak Media On India : And here I was advocating dismantling PDS system, doing away with the MSP mechanism, eliminating all the subsidies (Apparently few lac crores every year) that filthy farming castes receive and selling off govt stakes in most companies, bringing agricultural income under taxation, bringing health and educational services under GST ( A nominal rate of say 1%), cutting the size of govt workforce, cutting the size of Indian armed forces particularly the army by at least 30%, thus rationalizing govt expenditure as well as augmenting govt's revenue which can then be used to help through DBT, the landless agricultural labourers, workers in unorganised sectors and Rickshaw and Chai-pani wallah etc who are the real poor (Not the landowning filthy farming castes, who ain't poor). Sigh !!!! Sometimes, I just wish Kanhaiya Kumar quickly becomes the Indian PM and he goes on to implement the real communist ideas so that this country gets screwed real quick and then can disintegrate into 28 or more independent nations which would be the only way this large mass of illiterate and wretchedly poor population could be properly governed.
Menaka Bala Dwibedy : I am giving you a information , all of Indian govt should start preparing for a situation when the vaccination ,medics will come , for covid -19 and none of the countries in the entire world will be able to control on to this Corona virus situation and there the actual game will start , I am waiting for that moment , it will happen , I have the damn surity about this fact , I have complete information about this fact that how and why will it happen , so now in our country , no such political agenda ,politically motivated propaganda should be fired in a rogue manner on people who are low waged as modi govt did a made loop hole by not making rules when people threw shramik category people out of their rented homes by the property owners in different states , at the times of covid -19 and one more situation will come of scarcity of funds , because the moment will come when in the entire world , no vaccinations will be announced in the next 5-10 yrs , which will control covid -19 , but I will say ,medicine will come but it will have precautionary compulsions , curae defamatory issued rules issues , then vaccinations not working for Mass amount of people but will have curability property on so many people as compared to mass people , and one more fact , govt of India and every foreign country will come down to real issues by leaving every other scenario , technology , then economy , and so many issues , and the main issue which will be there , will be eradicating people from this issue by finalising main main top priority issues , developing ppe kits ,for every person in the entire world which will take a span of near about 5yrs and that too , ppe kits of the times of Spanish flu in which eating aids , eye scanning glasses were fitted in those caps and the ppe kits should be very strongly manufactured ,monitored , and this will but obviously get our level of population of the entire world decrease as the medicines will not come in the next 10 yrs , and now ,the situation cannot be controlled at all conditions rather than making people stick to strict rules , of work , maintaining hygine , and making rules for a clean atmosphere , environment , so industrialization may decrease to 30% or if that is not getting the covid -19 situation controlled , 50% reduction in industrialization should be planned ,ordered and India and the entire world now need to focus , rather than playing blame game , making everyone fight with each other ,come down and sit talk to each other ,politely , start talking this issue at first truly , as a hardcore derogatory fact which needs to controlled because after the timeframe of 6 months ,when now 6000 people are dying daily , after 6 months , everyday 20000 people will die due to frustration , due to covid -19 , and people will not be able to control this pandemic in USA and in China , you ask both these countries , to showcase every damn true hard core facts about deaths , people will die in India due to frustration , I am telling now 56lskhs of people are effected in China uptill now , and the deaths are above 2lakhs , why ,it's only due to frustration because their religion ,their biased thinking , of eating meat , which are uncleaned , nasty , soured , and not medically proven ethical are eaten , it's also done in abroad , in Australia , in USA , and every damn Muslim countries , and in foreign countries , people don't really take true scenarios of making everyone stick to rules , of not making people eat meat , of any animal and do business in regards to that , this is the reason why people are dying truly due to frustration , and it is now a reality when people may come down to actual war scenarios ,if they will not have their nasty brains out in control , so people need to discuss these issues , ask every country to come down to serious issues , now ,and that will only be getting our horizons in to a safe zone , and this is a fact , in the entire world if people will start thinking ,they will live ,for the next 100 years , truly if only agriculture will be applied ,mainly as the 1st line of honourary work now at this situation mandate for everyone in the entire world ,and they should leave thinking about their business , work , industry , industrialization should be decreased to 50% so as to make people live , so that everyone will at least get some amount of food for living , and not some ,if agriculture will be taken seriously ,India and every other country will be able to control this pandemic , people in our country will be living for sure for next 100 yes as same without a single death , because now I feel this disease spreads rapidly when a high temperature scenario also gets into action ,and the times of low temperature , so all of us can itself what needs to be done then and there ,why ,how , if and but , unless and until , moreover , and indeed , so these frame outs should be left under the documents , but should not be showcased as a case of inclination for getting power , and in the entire world ,every other high level institution , like power development companies in every scenario , like thermal , or coal , or hydel , should start helping people , and oil energy power builders , and the real estate forums , and every other damn company which has a identity should start thinking how and why this pandemic really spread truly , because they are educated people ,who has the capability to think and play the action so that people will live in India freely without tension and please do make everyone live their life peacefully . That is what is the need of this century .
sarabjit takhar : Real journalism
Meena Parikh : Shekhar gupta paid patrkar by Congress. Apni faltu bakvas bandh kar
Niti : Sir, can you pls cover what our intelligence agencies was doing when virus was spreading and when Taiwan and Vietnam doing lockdown in Feb. On Jan 31 who accepted human transmission, are we waiting for WHO to call it pandemic in march so that we will work on it. Is our intelligence agencies are not sufficient or they are sparishi to focus on Kashmir only. If Other countries are not able to find it that means we say our countries always think we are behind them. I think we need young leaders now. Even Govt retire employees after 60 we need young blood to work on it and a person should be intelligent.
Ketan Parekh : Left liberal and prominent economist should not be used in the same sentence. Shekharji should spend more time on educating people about why expropriation of private property is a bad economic idea than on why logistically it isn't feasible. Expropriation is fundamentally flawed idea because it removes economic incentives. Why would anyone want to build businesses and build wealth if the government is going to take away their hard earned money. Also, most of the wealth is in the stock market, which is paper money. Imagine what will happen to Bharti stock if government takes over the company and starts selling it. It will be worthless knowing what has happened to the government run telcos like BSNL, VSNL, etc. Basically, the act of expropriation will render the asset worthless. Sad to see us even discussing these ideas from nut cases. Unfortunately, communism is a romantic idea that refuses to die. Thankfully, people of India have fresh memories of the socialist state and are rejecting such ideas. Whereas these ideas are now thriving in the USA, the bastion of capitalism.

'Wuhan virus' origin needs to be investigated & India-China should increase dialogue'

India and China should ramp up dialogue to resolve the boundary dispute and delineate a particular line that both should respect, Gautam Bambawale, former Indian envoy to China, Pakistan and Bhutan tells ThePrint's Nayanima Basu in an interview.
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Vaibhav Paul : Beautiful interview. Nayanima Basu , thank you.
Kritika Sharma : But the question is ?Is china a trustable country regarding dialogue?
girish sehgal : Poor anchor




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